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Complex exodontia (surgical extractions) [£90-£210]

All grades of surgical removal of wisdom teeth and impacted teeth in a single visit. We are also happy to offer a free 15 minute surgical assessment prior to treatment should the patient wish IV sedation.

Exceedingly low incidence of IDB hypoaesthesia due to meticulous and careful surgical technique.

Surgical orthodontic extractions and exposures.

Decoronectomy for cases with very high risk of IDB damage.

Intra-Venous Sedation [£160]

Due to the complex nature of the procedures, we offer we are able to administer Intra-venous sedation to patients who need a little extra help in having their treatment completed.

Our entire clinical team are confident and experienced in providing IV sedation.

All of our dental nurses have successfully passed the NEBDN post qualification certificate in Conscious Sedation and have a wealth of experience in the management of sedated patients. Safety is our priority.

Specialist Endodontics [£640-£890]

Root canal treatment (de-novo or retreat).

Canal location (return to dentists for completion if preferred).

Fibre post placement.

Post removal.


Apical surgery using MTA for retro-grade root filling. Enucleation of dento-alveolar cystic lesions >2cm. Biopsy and histopathological analysis.

All Specialist Services undertaken with use of a dental operating microscope and contemporary equipment.

Dental Implantology [from £3000]

Placement and restoration of Straumann Implants

GBR ridge augmentation - block/autologous/autogenous.

Soft tissue augmentation procedures.

Sinus lift procedures.

Pre-prosthetic surgery [please ask for individually tailored price]

Ridge augmentation.

Refashioning bulky tuberosities.

Refashioning of denture hyperplasia and denture dressing.


Surgical orthodontics [please ask for individually tailored price]

Fraenectomy - labial and lingual.

Exposure of unerupted teeth and placement of gold chain.

Exposure of labially placed teeth with apically repositioned flap.

Surgical removal of supernumerary teeth / impacted teeth / complex / compound odontomes.

Oral Medicine [circa £150 per course]

Exam, biopsy and review with histopathological results for benign lesions / leukoplakia / lichen planus / lichenoid reaction to metal restorations.

All possible oncology to be referred urgently by the OMFS oncology protocol.

Excision of mucocele.

Haemangiomas, viral lesions, pigmented lesions, cutaneous tags.

Excision of sialoliths, dilatation of submandibular duct.

Dry mouth.

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