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Can I register with you?

We are a referral based service and do not register patients here. We do not offer a full range of treatments like a high street dentist does. We only offer specialised treatments. We are more than happy to see you as a referred patient but you should always return to your registered dentist for routine care.

Do you offer NHS care?

Yes, but only for children who are having orthodontic exposures or extractions. All other treatments at Balbirnie Oral Care attract private fees.

How quickly can you see me?

Specialist Endodontic assessment is normally within 2 - 4 weeks. Surgical extractions are usually within 2 - 4 weeks. Oral medicine referrals are generally offered appointment within 7-10 days. We have a cancelation list in operation for anyone who needs seen quickly and we will do our best to accommodate at all times. Your dentist will be able to help you with any problems in the meantime.

Our Implant Consultation waiting list is reducing as we work our way through the back-log of referrals after the pandemic. Once we receive your referral we will be in touch to indicate when we hope to see you.

Will it be sore?

No, you will be profoundly numb during treatment. This will be tested before we proceed. We can also 'top up' the anaesthetic throughout lengthy treatments.

How long will I have to take painkillers for afterwards?

Everyone is different. Usually 3 - 10 days of simple pain relief is required. Alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen is what we usually recommend. It is not worth being sore. Use pain relief effectively to help you through this difficult healing period.

How much is a dental implant?

For a single dental implant, restored with a crown with all visits and treatments included, the cost is circa £3500. Each case varies. We can tailor an estimate to you at your initial appointment.

How long does it take to have a fully functioning dental implant?

We choose not to rush nature. At Balbirnie Oral Care we prefer to allow your dental implant to integrate into bone before we load it with a crown or bridge. In total, from initial assessment to completion, it can take from 6 - 9 months. Some complex cases may take longer. We can advise you of timescales for you at your initial assessment.

Is my assessment free?

We can provide a free assessment for extraction cases. This is a short, 15 min appointment to allow you to discuss your needs with us. It may be that you are worried or you may just want to meet us to discuss treatment prior to extraction.

For Dental Implant cases the cost of the appointment is £90. These are longer 45 minute appointments. Your clinician assesses you fully, creates and discusses a treatment plan with you, gives an estimate of costs and writes a full report to you and to your dentist afterwards.

Specialist Endodontic assessments are also £90. Again, the appointment is lengthy and covers diagnosis, treatment planning, estimate of costs and consent. A report is also sent to your dentist afterwards.

Oral medicine opinion generally attracts a fully comprehensive single fee of £150. This covers all visits, assessment, diagnosis, biopsy, pathology report, treatment and reviews with reports to your dentists at key stages.

Does sedation put me to sleep?

No but it will make you very relaxed and sleepy. The drug has an amnesiac effect so you may think you were sleeping afterwards. It is a very safe drug and gives optimum results for the length of your treatment plus it has the benefit of a short recovery time. This allows you and your chaperone to go home safely quite soon after treatment.

I see the hygienist at my own dentist. Do I need to see yours?

In order to ensure optimum care of your dental implant, we do prefer that your see our hygiene therapist during your implant treatment and annually thereafter. The cost will be included in your estimate. The first annual review is free and thereafter you pay £80 to see both the clinician and the hygiene therapist. This is a good yearly investment to protect the health and longevity of your implant.

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